Tom DeLonge adds to rumours of a blink-182 reunion

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Tom DeLonge adds to rumours of a blink-182 reunion

DeLonge, who parted ways with the band in 2015, posted a photo to Instagram following an interview with former bandmate, blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, captioning the image, “So Travis calls me and asks me to do an interview… next thing I know all these cameras have invaded my office. I have a feeling he just wanted some super hi-res footage of my body. And yes Blinkies, we also talked a bit about other stuff. 🙂 #TravisAndTomHoldingHands”.


The post has generated a lot of excitement from blink-182 fans who are reading between the lines and discerning that a reunion of sorts may be in the works. While nothing is confirmed, it sure does sound promising, and we’re eagerly awaiting any further developments.



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