This absolute hero has invented a lightsaber theremin

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This absolute hero has invented a lightsaber theremin

Everyone’s favourite mad YouTube electronic genius LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER is back to his classic whacky antics yet again. Probably most well known for the time he mounted a homemade synthesiser onto a bike, this synth wizard has turned his Fatboy Slim-esque attention to his latest weapon of choice. Using a couple of accelerometers wired up inside two of your standard toy lightsabers, mounting a voltage display into the side, and connecting them up to an amp he also casually whipped up for the occaision, he’s become a musical force to be reckoned with – and as we’re just in time for the release of the latest Star Wars movie, the pun is definitely intended.



Though using the accelerometers to change the voltage output as opposed to the change in the magnetic field, it does technically mean it isn’t a conventional theremin per se, but surely you can cut the guy some slack seeing as the wall of analogue modular synths behind him were also all self-built – he clearly knows his stuff. He even busts out a quick attempt at The Imperial March to demonstrate their abilities just to top it off. Who knows what crazy DIY instrument this eccentric Englishman will come up with next?


You can find more zany inventions on his YouTube channel here.