These classic rock bangers could help you save a life

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These classic rock bangers could help you save a life

The New York Presbyterian Hospital has compiled a playlist on Spotify comprised of well known rock songs with a familiar beat at the perfect tempo for chest compressions that may enable you to save someone’s life. The 47 song playlist called ‘Songs To Do CPR To’ includes tracks by bands such as Queen, Lynyrd Skynrd and The Bee Gees that all have tempos around 100-120 BPM, the ideal pace to keep to maintain the stamina required to keep someone alive long enough for the ambulance to arrive. 



Though CPR in general only has an effective success rate of around 8 percent, experts believe that the rate of recovery could double if bystanders knew how to keep a steady rate of compressions during the procedure. Sonia Tolani, a cadiologist at the hospital said, “The main thing about CPR is maintaining high quality, fast compressions, so you don’t want to lose steam.”


Another reason these songs should be committed to memory if they haven’t been already.


Check out the life-saving playlist for yourself here.