The Royal Wedding is being released on vinyl and streaming services

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The Royal Wedding is being released on vinyl and streaming services

Whether you care for all the fanfare of the royal weddings or not, you can’t help but at least admire and be impressed by the production quality that goes into the main event. Heralded as the first ever royal wedding to be streamed, there is set to be live performances by many musical acts and groups including British cellist Sheku Kanneh Mason, Welsh soprano Elin Manahan Thomas, the Choir of St George‚Äôs Chapel, and Christian gospel group the Kingdom Choir.


Decca Records will be using their state of the art equipment and highly trained crew to capture every nuance and celebration of the proceedings, and then following the stream of the couple’s marriage, will eventually press it onto vinyl. Anna Barry, who is in charge of producing the album for the wedding, has acknowledged the great responsibility of capturing the event. She explained that “knowing how much a permanent record of the event will mean to so many people around the world” is her primary motivation for pulling out all the stops in capturing the wedding, and is very keen to be playing this crucial role in involving listeners in the joy of the day’s celebrations.


It might not be the most conventional vinyl to add to your collection, but it’s certainly sure to spark a conversation.


Keep an eye out for the stream of the wedding, which will be available shortly after the televised event. 


Image via Dominic Lipinski / Getty Images.