Stevie Ray Vaughan’s 1951 Nocaster is going to auction

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Stevie Ray Vaughan’s 1951 Nocaster is going to auction

Affectionately known by Vaughan as ‘Jimbo’, the 1951 Nocaster was handed down to him by his older brother Jimmie, who gave the guitar its namesake by carving his name into the back of the instrument. The Nocaster, an early predecessor of the renowned Telecaster, also features the incredibly prized serial of 0964, making it one of the first mass produced solid body Fender guitars available on the market. 


Upon receiving the guitar from Jimmie, Stevie quickly fell in love with the instrument, which he used in his formative years to cut his teeth in the competitive Texas blues scene of the late ’60s and reportedly even sleeping with the guitar ocassionally as a teen. Vaughan eventually traded ‘Jimbo’ for a red Epiphone Wilshire in 1971, where it fell into the hands of a Dallas session musician before going on exhibit at Grammy Museums between 2010 and 2015.


‘Jimbo’ goes up for auction next month at Dallas Heritage Auctions, with a starting price of $200,000 (US). The guitar also comes bundled with two rare recordings of Vaughan playing the instrument, including an early rendition of Vaughan’s ‘The Star Spangled Banner’.


Here’s a flashback to Stevie Ray Vaughan playing in Japan in 1985 to brighten your day:



Check out ‘Jimbo’ and place your bid here.


(Feature image: Heritage Auctions)