SoundCloud update allows users to share tracks to Instagram stories

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SoundCloud update allows users to share tracks to Instagram stories

SoundCloud has been a rather divisive music platform over the course of its history, due to being both a great platform for independent and bedroom artists to upload their homemade tracks, but simultaneously notoriously difficult to share with the outside world. Thankfully, this looks likely to change now that SoundCloud track links can be shared to Instagram stories.


When you find a track that you feel that needs to be heard by more people, or you just want to show everyone how cool you and your music tastes are, you can click the “Share to Instagram” button in the SoundCloud app, which will open the album artwork and the song link in your story. 



Alhough viewers will still have to click the link and open it in SoundCloud itself, at least it is a step in the right direction to allow musicians to get their music into the hands of the people who want to hear it, without the usual messy runaround of screenshots and link spam in order to allow them to access it.


With Instagram introducing the ability to play Spotify tracks over their stories back in May, one can only hope these social media and streaming platforms will continue to find ingenious ways to make networking music to one another easier and more streamlined into the future. 


For more good news on the independent music front, see how Spotify is now allowing indie artists to upload straight to the streaming site directly.

Image via William Hook.