Sonic Youth share 12 live albums to Bandcamp

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Sonic Youth share 12 live albums to Bandcamp

Fans can now listen to a dozen live recordings from various points in the career of the alt-rock group, including their final concert in Brooklyn in 2011, a show recorded at the legendary CBGB’s in 1988, the band playing Daydream Nation in its entirety in Glasgow from 2007, and a raucous recording of a show in Holland from 1983.


In a post to the group’s Bandcamp, Steve Shelley reflected on the band’s archival recordings, saying “Through the years and as the times changed we recorded our live shows as often as we could, on cassettes, DATs, CD-Rs and later on multi-track recorders. We collected fan-generated audience tapes, shady bootlegs and anything we could get our hands on. We now maintain an archive of hundreds of hours of Sonic Youth concerts and we’d like to share some of our favorites.”



Check out the archival collection here – what else have you got to do that’s better than this, anyway?


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