Sigur Ros charged with tax evasion

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Sigur Ros charged with tax evasion

The band have been accused of submitting incorrect tax returns from 2011 through to 2014, with prosecutors finding that the band had managed to evade 151 million Icelandic Krona in taxes in their native country. 


In an official statement, Sigur Ros expressed their regret towards the situation, showing remorse that the case had to go to court and claiming that they have cooperated with authorities throughout the entirety of the investigations. They’ve also placed the blame on a former accountant, with the band’s defence lawyer Bjarnfredur Olafsson quite humorously pointing out that “the members of Sigur Ros are musicians — not experts on bookkeeping and international finance.”


Until court proceedings have concluded, authorities have frozen over AUD $9 million in the band members’ property assets, with two-thirds of these being owned by frontman Jon Thor Birgisson.




Yikes. There’s a good lesson here for everybody – hold on to those receipts, and make sure there’s no ‘former accountants’ doing the dodgy with your invoices. 


In more positive Sigur Ros news, the band are issuing a 20th Anniversary Edition of their 1999 LP Ágætis byrjun – A Good Beginning. Preorder it here