Road To Recovery: The Ghost Inside Drummer Returns To The Kit

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Road To Recovery: The Ghost Inside Drummer Returns To The Kit


Having just taken his first steps last week with a new prosthetic leg and the help of a cane, this was another important step towards his recovery.


The video below, shared by the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, shows Andrew playing for the first time since November 18, 2015, and he seems just as at home as he would’ve before the accident.


Many drummers might wish to play as well with both legs as Andrew does with one, and with the addition of a prosthetic leg that will be attached to his kick pedal, and perhaps a slight change of technique, he will no doubt return to his place among the best drummers in the metalcore genre.


“I’m feeling awesome. The pain has been steadily declining over the past few months. My shoulder is getting better, my back isn’t sore as often and my residual limb has been getting a lot stronger. I’m making gains and doing more than I did last week, more than I did the previous day,” says Andrew in a blog on the hospital’s website.


“This whole experience has been life-changing… My whole life, full-time, has been spent traveling all over the world, playing shows… I’m still adjusting, every day. I’ll admit I have my days – I just want to get out of here, go do something. I get a little irritable here and there, but I just take a deep breath. I know I’m lucky.”


“I’m confident that I’ll get back to touring. That’s still a while away, but I’m very confident it will happen. Very confident.”


With The Ghost Inside booked for the 2017 Warped Tour in the US, Tkaczyk’s progress only reassures punters that it is indeed possible for the original lineup to return to the stage together next year. 



You can follow Andrew’s amazing recovery story here.