Radiohead officially release leaked OK Computer sessions

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Radiohead officially release leaked OK Computer sessions

In case you missed it, the huge cache of music, which was later revealed to be stolen from frontman Thom Yorke’s own minidisc demo collection, was uploaded to the internet last week, sending many (including us) into a bit of a frenzy.


Now, the band themselves have responded to the leak, with Jonny Greenwood claiming that they were hacked and that those responsible demanded a ransom of USD$150,00 on threat of releasing the sessions. In true Radiohead spirit, however, the band have made the entire collection available to purchase for  £18 (AUD $300) via Bandcamp for the next 18 days, with all proceeds going to climate change non-profit organisation Extinction Rebellion. 


Read the statement below – it’s certainly rather humorous to see Greenwood refer to the sessions as only ‘tangentially interesting.’




Download the collection via Radiohead’s Bandcamp profile