Radiohead have launched an immersive free digital archive

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Radiohead have launched an immersive free digital archive

The Radiohead Public Library consists of an immense dump of content from the band’s archives, compiling their discography, videography, television appearances, artwork concepts, behind-the-scenes pictures, copies of their WASTE newsletter and rare pro-shot concerts. Users can sign on as a member of the Library and create their own digital Library Card (if they wish) to engage with the archives, and you can even order out-of-date prints and merchandise from various eras in the band’s career. 



For super fans (me), there’s a whole treasure trove of hot content to dive into, with notable highlights being digital versions of the Kid A webcasts, The King Of Limbs ‘Daily Mail’ newspaper, the band’s OKNOTOK cassette from 2017, extended pro-shot versions of their seminal 1997 Glastonbury and 2006 Bonnaroo sets and even the band’s first EP Drill. As of today, all members of Radiohead are also set to spend a day adding to and curating content on the Public Library, giving fans a chance to see which career moments stick out the most to each band member, with bassist Colin Greenwood being the first to assume librarian duties.


In a brief statement posted to their socials, the band explained the project as a means of rejigging their neglected website, saying “ has always been infuriatingly uninformative and unpredictable. We have now, predictably, made it incredibly informative. We present the RADIOHEAD PUBLIC LIBRARY.”


Join the Radiohead Public Library here