Powderfinger announce 20th anniversary deluxe edition of ‘Internationalist’

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Powderfinger announce 20th anniversary deluxe edition of ‘Internationalist’

Released in 1998, the original album featured 13 tracks and is set to be extended to a whopping 35 tracks for its deluxe edition, including unreleased tracks and rarities. Recordings from the vault that will feature on the new version of Internationalist include all B-sides from the album, a triple j Live at the Wireless session from 1998, and previously unreleased demos such as the never-before-heard track ‘Feels Like Something’.


Internationalist marked the third studio album released by Powderfinger, shooting to the top of the ARIA  charts and reinforcing the stellar reputation the band was building.



The band recalls working with producer Nick DiDia on the record at Sing Sing studios in Melbourne, saying, “We probably can’t overstate the influence Nick had on helping us define this album, and three subsequent. We tracked the main body of the album in a few weeks and we were all gobsmacked at how good he’d got it all to sound. We had made great sounding records before, but this was alive. It was leaping out of the speakers when we mixed it.”


Fans can purchase the deluxe edition of Internationalist as a 180 gram purple vinyl, 2CD edition, standard vinyl, and on all digital services.


Powderfinger Internationalist 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Original album tracklist

  1. ‘Hindley Street’
  2. ‘Belter’
  3. ‘The Day You Come’
  4. ‘Already Gone’
  5. ‘Passenger’
  6. ‘Don’t Wanna Be Left Out’
  7. ‘Good-Day Ray’
  8. ‘Trading Places’
  9. ‘Private Man’
  10. ‘Celebrity Head’
  11. ‘Over My Head’
  12. ‘Capoicity’
  13. ‘Lemon Sunrise’

triple j – Live At The Wireless: 12th October 1998 

  1. ‘Belter’
  2. ‘Don’t Wanna Be Left Out’
  3. ‘Already Gone’
  4. ‘Passenger’
  5. ‘Over My Head’
  6. ‘Celebrity Head’
  7. ‘Good Day Ray’


  1. ‘Smithy’ (Private Man Demo)
  2. ‘On The Day You Come’ (Demo)
  3. ‘Feels Like Something’ (Demo)

The Day You Come – B-Sides 

  1. ‘Polley’
  2. ‘Ironical’
  3. ‘John Callahan’

Don’t Wanna Be Left Out – B-Sides 

  1. ‘Corner Boy’ 
  2. ‘Paul’s Theme’

Already Gone – B-sides 

  1. ‘Control Freak’
  2. ‘Tom’ (Demo)

Passenger – B-Sides 

  1. ‘These Days’
  2. ‘Passenger’ (Live)
  3. ‘Pick You Up’ (Live)
  4. ‘Maxwell’s Great Mistake’
  5. ‘That Old Trick’ 

The 20th anniversary deluxe edition of Internationalist is due for release on Friday October 12 and is available to pre-order now via Powderfinger’s online store.