Paul Simon to revisit classics on new album ‘In The Blue Light’

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Paul Simon to revisit classics on new album ‘In The Blue Light’

In The Blue Light is a 10-song LP that sees Simon return to the studio to record reworked versions of his favourite tracks. The album was co-produced with longtime collaborator Roy Halee, and features appearances from the likes of trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, guitarist Bill Frisell, and drummers Jack DeJohnette and Steve Gadd.



“It’s an unusual occurrence for an artist to have the opportunity to revisit earlier works and rethink them; to modify, even completely change parts of the originals,” Simon said in a statement. “Happily, this opportunity also gave me the gift of playing with an extraordinary group of musicians, most of whom I hadn’t recorded with before. I hope the listener will find these new versions of old songs refreshed, like a new coat of paint on the walls of an old family home.”


The tracklist covers a selection of Simon’s studio albums from 1973 onwards – check out the chosen songs below:


  1. ‘One Man’s Ceiling is Another Man’s Floor’
  2. ‘Love’
  3. ‘Can’t Run But’
  4. ‘How the Heart Approaches What It Yearns’
  5. ‘Pigs, Sheep and Wolves’
  6. ‘René and Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After the War’
  7. ‘The Teacher’
  8. ‘Darling Lorraine’
  9. ‘Some Folks’ Lives Roll Easy’
  10. ‘Questions for the Angels’


In The Blue Light is out Friday September 7 via Legacy Recordings. For more on Paul Simon, find out about the ongoing influence and controversy of his 1986 album Graceland here.