Neil Young announces new book To Feel The Music

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Neil Young announces new book To Feel The Music

Co-written with Phil Baker, the CEO of Young’s Digital Archives venture, To Feel The Music explores Young’s mission to improve high-quality digital audio – a quest that the Canadian singer-songwriter has been focused on for quite some time now.


In a statement found on his website, Young has described the book as “the story of my efforts to improve the quality of audio that you hear,” going on to elaborate on his broader mission statement and supply a tentative release date for the book on Monday September 9.


“It takes you through how the sound was and is compromised by the tech and record companies, and instead of improving over time like other technologies, it has become worse.”


“The issue of improving audio quality has been one of the most important things we’ve been doing for decades, and something I focus on every day. We spent a year writing this and I think you’ll find it interesting and informative. The book will be released September 9 and I hope you enjoy it.”




Neil Young also recently discussed his plans to return to the studio with Crazy Horse to record their first album together in almost a decade, as well as announcing the release of a a 1973 performance with the Stray Gators called Tuscaloosa on June 7.




Visit Neil Young’s website for further details on To Feel The Music.