Liam Gallagher announces MTV Unplugged live album

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Liam Gallagher announces MTV Unplugged live album

Although Oasis performed their own MTV Unplugged session way back in 1996, Liam infamously sat out of the gig due to a supposed ‘illness’, leaving Noel on vocal duties. Liam would then go to hang around for the filming of the session, heckling Noel while enjoying cigarettes and beer from a balcony. 


The upcoming album will be released on Friday April 24 via Warner Music Australia, and will feature an assortment of tracks from Liam’s last two solo records as well as a few Oasis cuts. The session also features original Oasis guitarist Bonehead performing on several classic ’90s tracks including “Some Might Say”, “Stand By Me” and “Cast No Shadow”.



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