Jamie xx drops ‘Idontknow’, his first solo track since 2015

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Jamie xx drops ‘Idontknow’, his first solo track since 2015

Titled ‘Idontknow’, the track has already been doing the rounds in clubs, with the likes of Ben UFO, Four Tet, Caribou, Bicep and more giving it spins. The track is hectic, following a helter-skelter breakbeat with zigzagging vocal samples over the top. It comes after his most recent collaboration with British artists Headie One and Fred again.., ‘Smoke’, flaunted a greater drum and bass tendency from Jamie. Remember that banger, ‘Gosh’?


While it’s been five years since we were graced with In Colour, Jamie xx hasn’t been totally absent, the long-awaited return of The xx with their 2017 album, I See You, had the renowned producer busier than ever as the band leant more than ever on Jamie’s electronic prowess.


It will be interesting to see where ‘Idontknow’ leads us: is there a new album on the horizon?



This article originally appeared in Beat Magazine. Find out more about Jamie xx’s production setup in our The xx Gear Rundown.