It looks like The Stone Roses have broken up again

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It looks like The Stone Roses have broken up again

Upon being asked by journalist The Guardian journalist Sam Wollaston if that was “really it for the Roses?” in a recent profile, Squire tersely confirmed the dissolution of the indie group, simply replying “Yeah.” The interview also sees Squire mention that he and bandmate Ian Brown made a pact to not discuss their personal issues with the media, as well as dismissing The Stone Roses’ cultural influence as “quite a brief period that gets a lot of attention still.” Read the profile, which primarily discusses Squire’s artistic endeavours as a painter, here



The Stone Roses performed their final show in 2017 in Glasgow, marking an end to the band’s brief reunion after their original breakup in 1996. Ian Brown also seemingly confirmed the  group were parting ways again at their Glasgow show, lamenting to the crowd “Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy that it happened.” The band’s debut album marked a revolutionary fusion of indie rock and dance music which went on to inform an entire generation of Britpop musicians, and is regarded as one of the most important debut records of the 1980s.


The Stone Roses’ seminal debut LP celebrated its 30th anniversary earlier this year – read more about the making of the record here