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Traditionally trained as a luthier, Robert Brewer Young has been creating string instruments for over twenty years. While he has had various musicians play his hand-crafted pieces, Young was determined to establish a platform that would carry on his truly heart-warming work. With the help of Designer/ Director of Development, Lucien Jamey and Managing Director, Elfin Vogel, The Open String was founded in 2014.


With a focus on helping those in disadvantaged communities, The Open String hosts various programs throughout the year. The String Drive program is run to collect and redistribute strings and supplies through donations made by the wider public, musicians etc, whereas the Annual Grant Program raises funds to purchase new equipment for children, students and the like.


These programs aim to encourage children to focus their energy on a worthwhile and meaningful skill, rather than succumbing to the pressures and perils of their surroundings. They really are being given, the gift of music.


Another mission of the organisation is to assist promising musicians in being recognised and give them opportunities tp play for a live audience. By running annual events, The Open String allows these students to do so, while gaining an excellent opportunity to promote what they stand for and ask others to join them.


“Music has a power that poets and philosophers and people on the street have been trying to describe forever…a kid playing Mozart on a violin for the first time changes things around her and inside her as well.” – Young


The Open Strings Annual Grant Performance is on December 8. For more information visit SFCV or to donate, visit The Open Strings Website.