In Hearts Wake share new single + launch environmental campaign

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In Hearts Wake share new single + launch environmental campaign

The track marks the first new music from the band since 2017, and sees In Hearts Wake return in triumphant form with a call to arms to prevent the plight of the environment.


A prominent sample from Greta Thunberg’s Climate Strike address can be heard in the ‘Crisis’ intro section of the track, which In Hearts Wake vocalist Jake Taylor attended last year. He said in a statement that the strike was “the first time in a while that I felt so much hope for the future. When we gathered at Battery Park I felt inspired to pull out my voice recorder. Greta delivered an incredible speech. Some of the elders around me likened it to the time they heard Martin Luther King deliver his ‘I have a dream’ speech in the 60’s. One week later our track ‘Crisis’ was born.”



The band have accompanied ‘Worldwide Suicide’ with a new fiery video that seeks to underscore the impact of climate change, which you can watch above. In Hearts Wake have also launched their own environmental movement which promises to plant a tree for each thousand views the video receives, with Taylor saying that “Music is both our art and our platform. I feel we have a responsibility as artists to challenge the status quo. What challenges has the potential to create change. If we can change, then we can evolve.”


Listen to ‘Worldwide Suicide’ here