Melbourne metal heroes High As Hell unleash their vicious debut, Razorblade Dream

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Melbourne metal heroes High As Hell unleash their vicious debut, Razorblade Dream

High As Hell.
Words by Will Brewster

Put your horns up for this one.

Following the release of their immense debut single ‘Houses Of The Holy’, Melbourne metal lords High As Hell have stepped out in fine fashion with their scorcher of a new record, Razorblade Dreams. 

Built around the rocksteady rhythm section of drummer Chris Fittkau and bassist Tony Calleja and led by the force of nature that is guitarist and vocalist Fazz Hellman, Razorblade Dreams pays its dues to the golden era of heavy metal, offering eight tracks packed with high octane riffage, driving grooves and  cataclysmic lyrics.

Taking just as much influence from golden era titans like Black Sabbath and Metallica as they do from sludge metal legends High On Fire and Down, High As Hell certainly aren’t here to take any prisoners with their debut release.

The band’s video for ‘Houses Of The Holy’ saw the trio sneak into a church and tie their frontman above a burning crucifix, harkening back to an era of metal where Faustian myths and distorted riffs went hand-in-hand.

“If we weren’t already goin’ to Hell, we certainly are now after making this video,” Fazz Hellman says of the clip.

With their latest clip for ‘Big River’, High As Hell take it up a notch yet again, treating fans to a pro-shot performance of the group shredding it out while a noose hangs morbidly in the foreground.

“Hopefully some of you younger cats get a taste of what old school fat, crunchy Metal is all about,” the band warn ominously, hinting that High As Hell aren’t just here to coexist in Australia’s heavy scene – they’re here to claim it theirs for the taking.

High As Hell’s new album Razorblade Dreams is out now via Dinner For Wolves.