Gravemind detail debut album Conduit, share single ‘Phantom Pain’

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Gravemind detail debut album Conduit, share single ‘Phantom Pain’

The announcement comes after a series of cryptic letters were sent out to Gravemind fans around Australia containing images of a haunted house and the words ‘Phantom Pain,’ sparking an investigative trail for several would-be sleuths to uncover what they meant. Finally, it was revealed that ‘Phantom Pain’ was the next single of the band’s forthcoming record, which is also backed with a stark music video – watch that below. 



In a statement heralding the release of the record, Gravemind vocalist discussed the direction of Conduit in great detail, elaborating on the lyrical direction of the record further – “Early on in the lyric writing for Conduit, I was adamant on writing some songs that were reflective of some of the darkest parts of my life. Not as a bid for attention, but to resolve some personal demons, and show that the weight of your past doesn’t need to dictate your future. I wanted to show that it was ok to be vulnerable, and in letting down your walls, you aren’t weaker, but stronger for yourself and those around you.” 


Conduit is out on Friday July 21 via Greyscale Records. Head to their website to find out when they’re heading to a city near you.