Every song played on Triple J between 6am-9pm next week will be a listener request

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Every song played on Triple J between 6am-9pm next week will be a listener request

As part of the new initiative called ‘Requestavil’, running from Monday May 25 to Sunday May 31, each tune played between 6am and 9pm will have come from the suggestion of Triple J’s listeners. This even includes tracks perfomed in Live At The Wireless concert broadcasts, as well as the DJ-oriented House Party and Friday Mix, giving the power to the people in a manner never before explored by the station. 


In a statement shared today, Triple J encouraged their listeners to dig deep into their libraries for their picks, saying “Don’t just limit your requests to your most listened to, start thinking of your fave live tracks, remixes and guilty pleasures too.” 


Listeners can make a request via the Triple J app, where they can access the ‘Requestival’ widget and nominate their pick for the station to play. The public broadcaster are also requesting that listeners nominate deep cuts that may have never been played on the Js before, saying that “We also promise to play songs that have rarely or never been played on Triple J. You might even hear *that* song.”


The radio station are also asking their listeners to share their own anecdotes behind the songs they pick, with the statement reading “We also want you to tell us WHY you’re choosing those songs. Relive a memory, give a shout out, share a secret.” 


It’s a huge move from the youth broadcaster, and it’ll be very interesting to hear what kind of live recordings, Like A Versions or remixes will go to air. 



Head to the Triple J website to find out more about ‘Requestival’ today.