Breakdancing to be considered as new Olympic Sport

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Breakdancing to be considered as new Olympic Sport

Although breakdancers will have to wait for a final word of approval from the International Olympics Committee, which could be as late as December 2020, if the Olympics’ decision to include surfing, climbing and skateboarding as official competitive sports at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is anything to go by, it looks like we might be seeing a lot more B-boys in Paris in five years time. 


In a statement to CNN, an International Olympics Committee spokesman said “We are pleased to see that Paris 2024’s proposal for new sports to the Olympic programme is very much in line with the reforms of Olympic Agenda 2020, which is striving to make the Olympic programme gender-balanced, more youth-focused and more urban.” 



Emerging alongside hip-hop in the 1970’s as an important form of African American cultural expression, breakdancing became a major dance craze around the world in the ’80s, and remains prominent today in Japan, South Korea, France, Canada and Brazil. 


We’re hoping that these 808-inspired Puma sneakers are the official shoe of Paris 2024.