Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke announces new album 2042

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Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke announces new album 2042

2042 will arrive on Friday November 8 via Kele’s label, KOLA, and will focus on the continuing struggles of black entertainers even after success. Lead single ‘Jungle Bunny’ has gained publicity early on for apparently calling out Kanye West, with a namecheck on a rapper ‘Ye’ and citing Calabasas, the Los Angeles neighbourhood that West lives in.


In a press release for the album, Kele says, “There is a history of black entertainers feeling that after they have achieved a certain level of success that they are above discussions of race but that idea is a delusion. As a person of colour living in the western world, it does not matter how much wealth one accumulates, race will follow you wherever you go. With JUNGLE BUNNY I wanted explore this idea: In a time of such rampant division and public racism, what is the responsibility of the black entertainer?”


Listen below:



Okereke’s last album was 2017’s Fatherland which fostered a distinct post-parenthood vibe, and he has since also co-written a musical about gay marriage called Leave to Remain.


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