Are the Foo Fighters about to announce a new album?

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Are the Foo Fighters about to announce a new album?

Words by Will Brewster

Dave Grohl's got the internet going into overdrive.

It’s been more than three years since the release of the last Foo Fighters record Concrete And Gold, but it looks like the wait for new material could be over soon.

Across the past few days, a number of eagle-eyed fans have spotted teaser ads with the band’s FF logo alongside the letter X projected around various locations in Los Angeles, hinting that the group’s tenth album could be imminent.

The band have also been active with the hype on social media, uploading a number of teaser videos of each member accompanied with a 30 second snippet of audio, which several sleuthing fans are believing to be a preview of new music.

What’s more, Foo Fighters are also locked in to appear on Saturday Night Live – for the ninth time, nonetheless – alongside stand-up legend Dave Chappelle, which could serve as one hell of a premiere for any new material Dave Grohl and co. might be sitting on.

Earlier in the year. Dave Grohl stated in an interview that the Foo Fighters had completed their new record, but a release date hadn’t been finalised due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Grohl also declared the band’s tenth album to be their grooviest release to date, comparing it to David Bowie’s Let’s Dance in an interview with ALT 98.7FM and saying “it’s filled with anthemic, huge, sing-along rock songs. It’s kind of like a dance record, but not an EDM, disco, modern dance record. It’s got groove.

“To me, it’s our David Bowie’s Let’s Dance record. That’s what we wanted to make, we wanted to make this really up, fun record.”

Whatever it may be, we can’t wait.

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