Are Gorillaz teasing a new track with Tame Impala?

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Are Gorillaz teasing a new track with Tame Impala?

In a teaser posted to virtual guitarist Noodle’s Instagram (does it make it a Finsta if she’s virtual? I’m really not sure), the cartoon band can be seen driving a Jeep through a psychedelic landscape which bears semblance to the artwork for Tame Impala’s 2015 LP Currents.



Given that Kev’s got his own record coming out soon – the heavily anticipated The Slow Rush arrives in just eleven days! – it’s safe to say the timing couldn’t be any more perfect for this one (if it’s true). Like Kevin, Gorillaz are known for working with a swathe of collaborators, with legendary producer Mike Dean recently revealing he’s also been involved in this new project, so we’re incredibly keen to hear this track if it lands. 


UPDATE: We’re 100% certain that this artwork is actually fanmade, and was created by Facebook user Memes by Chris. As cool as it may be, we can’t be 100% certain this actually means we’re getting a Gorillaz x Tame Impala collaboration. Only time will tell I guess…


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