An Australian guitarist is attempting a record-breaking 125-hour playing marathon

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An Australian guitarist is attempting a record-breaking 125-hour playing marathon

An Australian man from the town of Balgownie, NSW, is attempting to beat the current official Guiness World Record of playing guitar non-stop for 114 hours and 6 minutes, and a subsequent but yet–to-be-recorded effort by a Canadian man of 124 hours and 30 minutes, by cranking out a full 125 hours of seamless shredding.


Starting at 12pm on Sunday July 15, and aiming to finish the following Friday at 5pm, Scotty B is going to be spending five long nights at his local music store riffing his way into history – all in the name of charity. Any donations made to the effort will be going straight to Musicians Making A Difference, a charity that exists to offer creative support to young people growing up in disadvantaged situations and to help empower them to make positive change in their communities. 


The guidelines for the record are strict, but not unreasonable, with the guitarist earning a five minute break for every 60 minutes of continuous playing, which can be pooled and added together to take slightly longer breaks that he will then use for small 20 minute blocks of sleep. There must be a combined total of 125 hours of guitar playing in order to break the record.


All songs played must be documented, and no song repeated more than once within a four hour time period. With that in mind, Scotty is aiming to have a setlist of 500 songs – yes, you read that correctly – and repeat each three times throughout the week. 


If you would like to keep up to date with this insane feat of musical endurance, you can follow the Facebook page here and donate here.