A sealed copy of Prince’s Black Album is selling for $56,000

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A sealed copy of Prince’s Black Album is selling for $56,000

Sometimes referred to as the “rarest album in the world,” the Black Album was initially pressed thirty years ago as a run of 500,000 vinyl copies; however, these soon disappeared when Prince pronounced the record “evil.”


Late last year, five copies of the album resurfaced and cause a stir in the music community. Conversation has been reignited once more now that another sealed, original vinyl copy of the Black Album has appeared on Discogs for sale via Josey Records.



The record is one of the five found by a former Warner Brothers employee and entrusted to Jeff Gold of Record Mecca.


“While we’d like to say that this copy was found in a stoop sale in Greenwich Village, it was indeed acquired from Jeff as one of the five copies that surfaced,” wrote Josey Records. “It is simply that rare; certainly one of the rarest records in the world which we likely may never see surface again.”


Still sealed with the hype and bar code stickers in place – as it was intended to be released in 1987 – this copy of the Black Album will set you back $40,000 US dollars, or closer to $56,400 if you’re buying from Australia.


Place your bid on a piece of music history via Discogs.