Korg unveil the powerful Nautilus keyboard workstation

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Korg unveil the powerful Nautilus keyboard workstation

Words by Will Brewster

Putting nine powerful sound engines at the tips of your fingers.

Korg are capping off a massive year with the launch of the Nautilus, a staggeringly powerful keyboard workstation that serves as a streamlined version of their coveted Kronos range.

With nine independent sound engines split into three broader categories, the Nautilus packs an unfathomable amount of sounds into its guts. A Standard Sounds category allows players to tap into all the classic sounds you know and love, whereas Current Sounds lets you explore a myriad of modern synth tones.

Meanwhile, the Unique Sounds category unlocks a whole new palate of tones based on contemporary sampling and production techniques, with extensive patch layering being provided by Korg’s longstanding PROG and COMBI tools.

16 onboard effects processors also help to flesh out each tone and add nuance to your performances, with an intuitive arpeggiator and drum track function unlocking further potential.

A new dynamics knob helps to make your playing more expressive by allowing for intricate embellishments upon the Nautilus’s semi-weighted key-bed, while a smattering of real-time controls let you tweak your patches on the fly for dynamic performances.

There’s even a set list mode that lets players colour-code and categorise patches for each song in their set via the central touchscreen, with seamless patch transitions ensuring that there’s no clunky dropouts between sections.

The Nautilus’s touchscreen is also used as the central point of control for the workstation’s 16-track recorder and MIDI sequencer, with USB/MIDI host ports accomodating for even further control surfaces.

All-in-all, it’s a pretty packed offering from Korg, and considering how vital their previous workstations have been over the past 20 years of music production, we’re hedging our bets on this one being a massive hit.

Check out all the details over at the Korg website.