Korg reveals limited edition minilogue bass

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Korg reveals limited edition minilogue bass

Words by Mixdown Staff

Following on from the popular compact minilogue

Korg’s minilogue synth now has a limited edition low-end companion with the introduction of the minilogue bass.

All of the programs on the minilogue bass have been optimised by professional bass players and synth programmers, although they can all be edited and customised to your taste. 

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You can change the thickness of the sound using the VCOs and voice mode, the brightness of the sound using the filter and so on. All of the 100 presets were newly created just for the minilogue bass and you can save up to 200 of your own sounds (100 preset programs and 100 user programs).

The minilogue bass includes two VCOs, a VCF, two EGs, a VCA and an LFO and features the unique wave shaping pioneered in the minilogue for generating oscillator harmonics, as well as multiple ways to modulate the sound including cross modulation, oscillator sync, and a surprisingly powerful ring modulator. The high-pass filter features delay to expand the sonic possibilities.

The four-voice polyphonic structure and eight voice modes inherited from the minilogue make it less likely that each sound will get cut off when you play, and also create an even more robust sound when you stack voices. 

Voice modes: 

  • Poly: works as a four-voice poly synth
  • Duo: works as a poly synth with two voices stacked in unison
  • Unison: plays all voices in unison, as a mono synth
  • Mono: operates as a mono synth with sub-oscillator
  • Chord: plays chords
  • Delay: voices 2–4 play in delayed sequence after voice 1 plays
  • Arp: plays the arpeggiator (maximum of 4 voices)
  • Side Chain: lowers the volume of the previously-played voice when a new voice is played

The minilogue bass features an onboard sequencer that can memorise what you play in 16 steps. This polyphonic sequencer also includes motion sequence functionality, which memorises the motions of up to four knobs or switches. 

Minilogue bass is available to order now, with arrivals expected in December.

Head to Korg for more information. For local enquiries, reach out to CMI Music & Audio