INXS bassist Gary Beers launches GGB Basses

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INXS bassist Gary Beers launches GGB Basses

Gary Beers

Signature models are one thing, but launching your own exclusive collection? That’s a whole other league.

Garry Beers INXS

Garry Gary Beers has been holding down the bottom end in INXS for decades, having played countless classic basses on stage, in the studio and while writing and arranging INXS’s legendary catalogue of music. He knows bass, so it makes sense that he should be at the forefront of a new collection of basses being built from the ground up.

GGB Basses

Gary Beers Basses

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I have always felt more comfortable playing one bass on stage and in the studio but liked having different vintage style bass tones,” said Garry Beers. “The GGB Basses overall are my take on Old Faithful’s weight, feel and balance – my custom pickups provide her vintage Fender P bass tone plus the other vintage tones. I am also building a “replica” of Old Faithful in 2 versions – one as she was when I used her at Wembley Stadium and one that shows her age now, with a lot less paint after a lot more miles. These models will be called the XS-58 and will of course have my GGB “Quad” coil pickup onboard.

‘Old Faithful’ refers to Beers’ classic 1958 Fender Precision Bass that he bought in Chicago in the 80s. GGB’s “Quad” pickup is a unique design, patented by GGB and contains four different coils, providing musicians with five distinct vintage bass tones.

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