Gretsch unleashes all-new Players Edition Hollow Body guitars

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Gretsch unleashes all-new Players Edition Hollow Body guitars

gretsch players edition hollow body guitars
(Image: Gretsch)
Words by Eli Duxson

Also features two left-handed options!

Gretsch has today announced an update to their flagship electrics series with the launch of the all-new Players Edition Hollow Body guitars, available in different styles across five different models, the Falcon, Country Gentleman, Nashville, Tennessee Rose, and the Anniversary.

What you need to know:

  • The state-of-the-art guitars in the collection feature the authentic Gretsch sound and style while incorporating cutting-edge features that are designed to instill complete confidence in the instrument.
  • Features all-new FT-67 Filter’Tron pickups for a powerful body and open chime.
  • Prices range from AU$3,999 to AU$6,699.

Read all the latest product news here.

The Players Edition Hollow Body line was crafted for both gigging players and studio recordists and contains modern features that hold true to its vintage roots, preserving the sound and style of the classic Gretsch guitar. 

These guitars feature cutting-edge features for maximum power, comfort, and versatility, including features like best-in-class mechanics such as ML or Parallel bracing options for classic hollow body tones, all-new FT-67 Filter’Tron pickups for a powerful body and open chime, rolled fingerboard edges, Luminlay side markers, String-thru Bigsby vibrato for uncompromising stability, and much more.

Averting pigeon-holed genre use, Gretsch states the Falcon model guitars can be heard in the dark sultry sounds of Orville Peck, while the Country Gentleman’s eclectic range can accommodate the fashion-art rock style of Palaye Royale’s guitarist, Sebastian Danzig.

The Tennessee Rose has the ability to integrate into any musical mold, from country to alt rock as Brandi Carlile has leveraged, and the Anniversary model has graced the rock and roll stages of War on Drugs.

Gretsch’s Vice President of Category Management Jason Barnes said “these new Players Edition Hollow Bodies represent the pinnacle of Gretsch performance and give players full control over a powerful sound that lasts every song, every night”.

“With incredible features like our all-new FT67 FilterTrons, these guitars drive a robust and vibrant voice with control sets that allow tone shaping possibilities and maximum versatility. 

“These models are dedicated to Gretsch pros and enthusiasts seeking the best of the best,” he said.

Check them out in action below.

For more information, head to Gretsch’s website.