GForce reveals the only Oberheim SEM plugin with Tom Oberheim’s seal of approval

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GForce reveals the only Oberheim SEM plugin with Tom Oberheim’s seal of approval

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Words by Mixdown Staff

“The most authentic emulation of the SEM sound available”

GForce has introduced the Oberheim Synth Expander Module (SEM), the only software-based SEM developed with the blessing, collaboration, and endorsement of Tom Oberheim.

The software SEM is centred around two VCOs with pulse and sawtooth waveforms, two ADS envelope generators, one LFO, and a “magical” multi-mode filter.

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“We’ve even modelled the authentic analog inaccuracies of the original SEM, blurring the lines between analog character and digital precision,” GForce said. 

“All this makes the GForce Oberheim SEM the most authentic emulation of the SEM sound available.”

While staying true to the original SEM, GForce also added a number of enhancements to make the GForce Oberheim SEM even more useful for modern music production. 

Alongside a new VCO3, which doubles as an LFO with audio rate for additional modulation and FM possibilities, the SEM now has tempo-syncable LFOs with multiple wave shapes, and a host of performance controls via velocity and aftertouch. 

They also integrated an arpeggiator and sequencer, and added a stereo delay and a reverb to sonically compliment your sounds.

Moreover, they’ve included more than 400 factory patches designed by top sound designers, each created to demonstrate the incredible sonic character of the SEM. 

Every patch has been categorised and is quickly accessible from the patch browser (arrow navigation friendly). 

The SEM even integrates with the GForce Oberheim OB-E, allowing users to load their SEM presets in either device. This enables you to quickly sketch out your sounds in the SEM, and then make them polyphonic in an instant.

“We first worked with Tom Oberheim and Marcus Ryle when creating the GForce Oberheim OB-E v2,” GForce said. 

“Tom and Marcus revealed that they felt there were no software emulations of the SEM that accurately recreated the sound and the ethos of the original monophonic SEM. 

“We decided to change that, and under the close guidance of Tom and Marcus, we’ve developed the GForce Oberheim SEM to ensure an experience that is truly authentic to the original instrument.”

Head to GForce for more information.