Gamechanger Audio announce groundbreaking MOD Series

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Gamechanger Audio announce groundbreaking MOD Series

Gamechanger Audio MOD Series
Words by Mixdown staff

Gamechanger Audio redefines guitar effects pedals with their new release - The MOD Series.

Gamechanger Audio is proud to announce the release of its groundbreaking MOD Series, a unique blend of classic pedal design and modular synthesis mastery. This series marks not just an advancement in audio processing but a complete reimagining of pedal capabilities.

Gamechanger Audio, a pioneering audio tools manufacturer hailing from Riga, Latvia, is one of the leading innovators in the music technology industry. Their impressive lineup of products showcases their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of music technology.

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They say that tone is in the fingers – The MOD Series transforms the musician’s performance into an integral part of the sound effect. Players’ touch, dynamics, and note choices become the primary architects of sound, creating tones and textures that evolve in real-time with their performance. This integration of sound design and musical expression invites musicians on a journey of endless exploration and discovery.

The GAMECHANGER AUDIO kicks off the new series introducing the first three pedals – MOD Delay, MOD Reverb, and MOD Chorus.

Unique to the MOD Series, each pedal features dynamics and pitch following engines that are controlled directly by the musician’s performance. 

The DYNAMICS function captures the nuances of playing volume, reflecting the character of picking style and instrument decay. 

The PITCH tracker responds to note selection, bends, and vibratos. 

Standard 3,5 mm TS patch cables (included) give players the power to direct these modulations to any of the four effect knobs, dynamically altering effects.

MOD reverb features:

  • 3 algorithms: PLATE, SPRING and HALL
  • 4 streamlined controls: LEVEL, DECAY, TONE, DRIVE
  • 3 stereo spread settings: 0%, 50%, 100%

MOD Delay features:

  • 3 algorithms: TAPE, ANALOG and DIGITAL
  • 4 streamlined controls: LEVEL, TIME, FEEDBACK, TONE
  • 3 PING PONG panning settings: 0%, 50%, 100%
  • MIDI or analog clock synchronization
  • Tap tempo

MOD Chorus features:

  • 3 algorithms: CHORUS, ENSEMBLE and FLANGE
  • 4 streamlined controls: LEVEL, DEPTH, RATE, FEEDBACK
  • 3 shapes: SAWTOOTH, SINE, RAMP

Inputs and Outputs and Setup:

  • Stereo and mono signal processing. Stereo routing is possible both using regular TS mono cables or TRS stereo cables.
  • Switchable input level: INSTRUMENT, LINE or EURORACK
  • Switchable LEVEL knob functionality: INPUT LEVEL + DRY SOUND, INPUT LEVEL + KILLDRY or DRY/WET MIX
  • TRACK input for routing an auxiliary signal for controlling the modulation.
  • TRACK output for passing the TRACK input further or for dry signal output.
  • MIDI/CLK input for MIDI clock or analog trigger sync for time base effects.
  • 9V DC center negative power inlet. Power draw of 250 mA max depending on effect.
  • USB-C input for future updates.

The MOD Series offers an alternative to conventional effect changes typically achieved through presets, expression pedals, and MIDI controls. This series emphasizes the artist’s skill, allowing for the orchestration of effects through instrument play.

Targeted at sound explorers, the MOD Series offers a combination of easy-to-use interfaces and profound sound manipulation possibilities. The series challenges musicians to delve into their creativity and discover extraordinary sounds beyond the usual.

For more info visit Gamechanger Audio.