Fluid Audio unveil Axis Microphone: A condenser that won’t break the bank

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Fluid Audio unveil Axis Microphone: A condenser that won’t break the bank

Featuring gold-sputtering and more.

Fluid Audio, who have made their mark in entry level studio monitors and headphones have broken into the microphone market, showing off a new condenser, Axis. The large capsule microphone has been “designed for those who want to record high-quality vocals” and comes in a very affordable price.

What you need to know:

  • Fluid Audio have released an entry-level condenser microphone, Axis.
  • It is a large diaphragm condenser microphone complete with a gold-sputtering over the membrane and is highly sensitivity with a low noise floor.
  • The Axis comes housed in an elegant brass housing, like its more expensive competitors but at a surprisingly affordable price.

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Every engineer needs a condenser right? Fluid Audio thinks so, and have created Axis, an open, relatively flat condenser that almost anyone could afford.

Axis, a professional grade condenser microphone, is presented here in all its glory, housed in a robust brass enclosure and featuring high level components. Take for example its gold-sputtered, 34mm, cardioid pattern diaphragm or the discrete Class-A FET electronics and SMT componentry. This microphone is cheap in price only it seems.

Boasting a clear and true sound, the Fluid Audio is presenting the Axis as “world-class quality and professional” which would be incredible if it’s as they say it is as condenser mics are a mainstay in pretty much every studio around the globe.

As shown on their frequency response diagram, the Axis is relatively flat, which is great news for those looking for a transparent, low cost condenser mic.

The microphone ships with a professional shock mount, pop filter, 4-core professional XLR cable and reinforced hard shell, foam-lined carry case. A complete package for those looking to invest in a condenser microphone.

Fluid Audio’s Axis microphone is available soon and will set you back US$249.

Head to Fluid Audio for more information.