Fender unveil heavy sounding Tone Master Super Reverb amplifier

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Fender unveil heavy sounding Tone Master Super Reverb amplifier

(Source: Fender)
Words by Sam McNiece

Featuring the best of digital processing within a physical amp cabinet.

Expanding on their Tone Master series, Fender have announced the Tone Master Super Reverb, which combines the best of digital physical amp modelling, quality components and modern features.

What you need to know:

  • Fender have announced a Tone Master version of their classic Super Reverb amplifier.
  • It features four 10″ Jensen speakers and a simulated 45W amp.
  • Tone Master Super Reverb combines the best of digital processing with physical amp design.

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If you’ve had to carry a vintage tube driven Fender amp up a set of stairs, you’d be very excited at the prospects of owning this amp. Coming in at just 36 lbs (16.3kgs), the Tone Master Super Reverb simulates a 45W tube amplifier which can get loud if you want it to via the four 10″ Jensen P10R Alnico speakers.

Knowing that maybe not every situation you’d want to get loud, there’s five switchable power options, from 1W to 45W from the bedroom to the stage, maintaining the same drive qualities regardless of the level.

The amp features four inputs, two normal inputs and two vibrato inputs, all with a bright switch for those sweet lead tones and comes standard with a 2-button footswitch.

For playing in the studio and recording, there’s a balanced line out with two cabinet simulations, one captured with a Shure 57 and one with a Royer R-121 microphone, and includes a mute switch to record in complete silence.

With regards to modern updates, there’s a USB port which will be used for firmware upgrades in the future, pretty cool to see on a guitar amp.

The new Tone Master Super Reverb amp from Fender will be available in August 2021, very exciting.

For more information, keep your eyes peeled on the Fender website.