Fender launch new trio of acoustic guitar amps

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Fender launch new trio of acoustic guitar amps

Words by Will Brewster

The Acoustic Junior, Acoustic Junior Go and Acoustic SFX II are available to order now.

Fender have officially launched their latest run of acoustic guitar amplifiers, providing players with a feature-packed and portable alternative for live shows.

Comprised of the compact Acoustic Junior Go, the slightly bigger Acoustic Junior and a stereo SFX II, all models in the new series make use of nifty features such as Bluetooth streaming and an onboard looper, while XLR outputs and a USB input for audio recording make each amplifier perfect for use both onstage and at home.

Each amplifier in the series also features two channels and a combo TRS/XLR input, with a 3-band EQ and eight effects – including a myriad of reverb, delay and modulated tones – allowing for a rich range of sounds on guitar and vocals alike.

For acoustic purists, the Fender SFX II even boasts a side-firing 6″ SFX speaker and compression tweeter, with the amp’s Stereo Field Expansion delivering lush, full tones to add depth to any guitar tone.

The Acoustic Junior Go even features a rechargeable battery to let punters unplug from the wall and hit the streets, with the battery lasting for up to 5 hours on full volume and a commendable 12 hours when outputting a moderate volume.

All amps can also be controlled by an optional MGT-4 footswitch, giving players immediate access to the amplifier’s looper and inbuilt effects.

Hear how the range sounds in the video below – with Christmas just over the horizon, we reckon Fender have bagged themselves a winner with these new acoustic amplifiers.

Check out all the specs and pricing details over at Fender Music Australia.