EGM proudly presents the highly acclaimed Thalia Capo

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EGM proudly presents the highly acclaimed Thalia Capo

Thalia capos
Words by Mixdown staff

Think you've already found the perfect capo? Thalia capos make us think again!

Thalia Capos are designed and manufactured in the USA. Thalia was founded by a father-daughter duo with a dream of creating a more beautiful capo than what was traditionally available. Thalia capos are designed based on the needs of the player and features unique interchangeable fretpads.

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Quality capos aren’t easy to come by, and while there’s a seemingly endless amount of options available, it’s not something you want to be buying and re-buying. A capo that fits snuggly to your strings not only provides a cleaner and better sounding fret, but they last longer, session after session. While there’s different ways to use a capo, the Thalia is something else entirely.

The Thalia Capo is a complete rethinking of the capo as a piece of art. Our aesthetic goal was to create a truly beautiful capo that would match or compliment the users’ instrument. Its reverse fulcrum point and quick-release design allows for seamless one-handed key changes with fretting hand.

Furthermore, Thalia Capos offer a wide range of exotic woods including abalone shell inlays, providing even more possibilities for customisation.  Use this to match your guitar, outfit or mood with Thalia.

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