Denon DJ unveils new SC Live range

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Denon DJ unveils new SC Live range

Words by Emily Davidson

Matching a variety of creative and practical needs

Integrated with Amazon Music Unlimited, Denon DJ’s new SC 2 and SC 4’s are changing the game for DJs and Musicians alike.

With access to hundreds of millions of CD quality, “lossless” tracks across a number of supported streaming services including the likes of TIDAL, Beatport and SoundCloud GO+ in addition to headline Amazon Music Unlimited; this new release enables a range for creative freedom unlike ever before.

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Both the two and four-turntable SC Lives host a built-in speaker system with independent volume control, and have independent Wi-Fi access, all but eliminating the need for tethered PCs or CDs.

This is all controlled through a 7″ touchscreen with multi-gesture support, and is powered by Engine DJ’s own Standalone OS, creating a unique and streamline user experience.

This SC Live’s also come with and SD card slot and two USB inputs to match any workflow, and also enables wireless transfer of music via Dropbox. With two microphone inputs and a comprehensive range of dynamic internal FX, everything you need is at your fingertips.

The SC Live 2 and 4 also include a dynamic lighting system, automatically syncing with beats for an immersive performance experience.

With four and two-deck options, this standalone DJ system can match a variety of creative and practical needs, creating a truly standalone, standout system.

The SC Live 2 retails at $2,099 and the Live 4 at $2,599.

Head to Denon DJ for more information. For local enquiries, reach out to Electric Factory.