Carstens Amplification and Billy Corgan unleash the 100w Grace guitar amplifier

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Carstens Amplification and Billy Corgan unleash the 100w Grace guitar amplifier

Words by Will Brewster

Pairing sleek looks with ear-shattering tones.

Coinciding with the recent release of The Smashing Pumpkin’s new double LP CYR, Carstens Amplification have partnered with Billy Corgan for a new limited edition run of Grace guitar amplifier heads.

Designed and hand-wired by Brian Carsten – otherwise known as Corgan’s own amp tech – and completed over the span of two years, the Grace is a 100 watt, all-tube behemoth, utilising four EL34 power amp tubes and four 12AX7 preamp tubes to output its mammoth tone.

Boasting a single channel and a simple control layout of Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master Volume and Presence, the Grace provides players with a powerful high-gain option for recording and performance, with designer Brian Carsten attributing the amp’s high-gain performance to a specifically designed and hand-wound Mercury Magnetics transformer.

As per Corgan’s request, the amplifier was designed to deliver ‘an unheard-of amount of gain, high headroom and distinct tone’, and judging from the man’s own demonstration below, it seems like the Grace delivers on all fronts.

Each amplifier is fitted inside a sleek Tolex-covered chassis, and can also be purchased alongside a matching speaker cabinet. Corgan’s own signature adorns the back of each amplifier and cabinet, but be warned – there’s only 50 units being made for this run. If you’re keen to get your mitts on one, move quickly.

Find out more about the Grace over at Carstens Amplification today.