Boss team up with Sola Sound to reveal the Waza Craft Tone Bender MKII Fuzz

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Boss team up with Sola Sound to reveal the Waza Craft Tone Bender MKII Fuzz

Words by Will Brewster

A reissue of the legendary '60s fuzz box.

Following weeks of social media hype and mystery, Boss have revealed the latest entry into their esteemed Waza Craft pedal range: an unexpected, but incredibly welcome, recreation of the the Sola Sounds Tone Bender MKII.

Deemed by many to be the fuzz box that started it all, the Tone Bender was initially released in 1965, with Sola Sound releasing the upgraded MKII variant in 1966.

With its two transistor circuit providing raucous tones and a bulky sand cast metal enclosure ensuring it could withstand the rigours of live use, the Tone Bender was a hit among many of the UK’s biggest guitarists of the era, including Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Syd Barrett.

Now, Boss seek to revive the legendary tones of the pedal in a classic compact Boss stompbox format, working alongside Sola Sound to deliver a point-to-point recreation of the original Tone Bender circuit.

The TB-2W features authentic germanium transistors for that classic velcro snarl, with a simple control layout for Level and Attack allowing for simple tone sculpting. There’s also a selectable true or buffered bypass function, as well as a three way voltage selector switch to flick between 7v, 9v and 12v – a perfect tool for players seeking a little extra headroom or to squeeze their fuzz tone to make it sound even more obnoxious.

While there’s no demos of the unit just yet, Boss have confirmed that the TB-2W will arrive in Q2 of 2021, with the pedal also being made in strictly limited capacities due to the scarcity of components used in its production.

Find out more about the Waza Craft TB-2W Tone Bender over at Boss Australia today.