Audio Test Kitchen unveil ATK Player

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Audio Test Kitchen unveil ATK Player

audio test kitchen ATK Player product shot
Words by Sam McNiece

Providing the ability to compare audio products online.

Audio Test Kitchen have pioneered a new approach to testing products remotely, offering a range of information including audio samples for a range of audio products. The 2021 TEC Award nominees have just launched an embeddable version of the player ATK Player, for audio companies to use on their own websites for customers to compare their products.

What you need to know:

  • Audio Test Kitchen have just announced an embeddable version of their quick change product tester.
  • The ATK player allows products to be cross comparable showing their frequency responses and audio samples.
  • This tool will be available for product manufacturers in a similar fashion to the way chat bots appear.

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The new ATK player allows users to have interactive and guided audio demos available on websites in their own space, with no pressure from sales consultants as you might experience in some professional audio shops. It allows you to compare products that you may already have and know with new ones to provide a better insight into how a product functions before purchasing it.

“Having built and operated one of the world’s top physical pro audio showrooms, I’ve seen how each customer needs a unique mix of information, from emotional to technical, to feel inspired and confident to make a purchase,” relates Jeff Ehrenberg, Audio Test Kitchen’s Head of Sales. “We very consciously built an online tool that puts the proof each individual needs at their fingertips while enabling the manufacturer to accurately represent what their products can do.”

Manufacturers and distributors can implement the new offering on their websites through a subscription based service through Audio Test Kitchen. They have previously collaborated with brands such as Shure, Antelope Audio, Lewitt and over 60 more.

Don’t be surprised if you see this starting to pop up on your favourite audio manufacturers website.

Head to Audio Test Kitchen’s website for more information.