Arturia launch expansive Pigments 3 soft synth plug-in

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Arturia launch expansive Pigments 3 soft synth plug-in

Words by Will Brewster

A massive overhaul to the French developer's versatile software package.

Arturia have unleashed a sizeable update to their Pigments polychromatic soft synth, with version 3 bringing a swathe of new engines, filters and effects to the powerful suite.

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One of the biggest updates to Pigments 3 is the introduction of a Harmonic Engine, bringing a detailed additive synthesis engine with up to 512 partials, dual formant filters and harmonic customisation to unlock a diverse array of electronic sounds.

The dual filters of the Harmonic Engine can be morphed from A to B for some colourful modulated sounds, with a variety of other ways to modulate partials also being included.

A new third Utility Engine is also added into the mix, letting you stack an extra sub-oscillator layer and two noise sample layers to create atmospheric sounds suitable for cinematic soundscapes and epic scores. Each of these layers possess their own filter routing options, and can be utilised to invoke sound effects such as vinyl crackle, wind, roaring white noise and more.

An additional 64 wavetables have also been included to bring the total up to 164, while a brand new Ramp waveform is introduced to the Virtual Analogue engine for more expansive pads and textures.

Fans of Arturia’s V4 soft synth suite will be gassed to see that the low-pass filter of the Jup-8 has been included in Pigments 3, while a smattering of new effects – namely a Pitch Delay, BL-20 Flanger, JUN-6 Chorus and a Multi-Band Compressor – have also been thrown in the mix.

Other new tweaks to Pigments 3 include new sound banks, celebrity presets and a range of in-app tutorials from Arturia’s designers, rounding out what looks to be a totally expansive update to one of the best sound design engines on the market today.

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