Antelope Audio has extended their All in Promo until April 30th

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Antelope Audio has extended their All in Promo until April 30th

Words by Mixdown Staff

Get more than 90+ FX with your audio interface with the Antelope Audio All in Promo.

What you need to know:

  • To scoop up this deal, purchase a participating Synergy Core Interface.
  • Upon activation of said interface, you will receive Antelope’s current full FX library and Bitwig Studio automatically (afx2daw (Bridge Plugin) not included.)
  • This licence is a part of a special offer and cannot be resold standalone. 

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90 + Synergy Core

Antelope Audio’s component-level approach to analogue effect modelling delivers world renowned sound quality. The Synergy Core platform gives you a faithful recreation of the original hardware’s unique sound and enables near-zero latency when monitoring and recording. 93 Vintage EQs, compressors, landmark guitar amps and cabs, tube mic pres, tape saturation, and more await.

Autotune Synergy

For twenty years, Auto-Tune has been the industry standard for professional pitch correction and the most iconic vocal effect in popular music. Auto-Tune Synergy brings Antares’ acclaimed technology to the Antelope Audio Synergy Core Platform for low-latency, CPU-free performance and extensive recording options – now included with the ALL IN promotion!

BITWIG Studio 4

Bitwig Studio’s extensive array of virtual instruments and audio effects included can cover all your sound design needs, from the subtle to the extreme. Discover 2000 sounds and factory presets, including drum machines, acoustic drums and instrument loops; all included right out of the box.

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