Vinyl Revival

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Vinyl Revival


405 Brunswick St, Fitzroy 3065

128 Sydney Rd, Brunswick 3056

763 Nicholson St, Carlton North 3054

Hours of Operation:

10am -5pm Mon – Sat

Sun 10am – 4pm


(03) 9419 5070 – Fitzroy

(03) 9448 8635 – Brunswick

(03) 9381 5942 – Carlton North



Tell us a bit about the story of Vinyl Revival.

The increase of vinyl record sales saw an increase in turntable sales to go with it. With over thirty-odd years of experience in the hi-fi industry, we saw an opportunity to blend the two worlds in a way that had previously never been achieved. A one-stop vinyl specialist: equipment and records. From a quaint little shop in Fitzroy, in three years we’ve climbed out of obscurity to expand by a further two locations, each with their own unique style and specialties.  


What services does Vinyl Revival offer?

We offer unrivalled expertise in the world of analogue music. This knowledge spans across all facets of the medium. Yes, we’re turntable specialists, but that also extends to amplifiers, pre’s, speakers, DJ gear, vinyl and so much more. Anything that has anything to do with vinyl, we stock. We’re not just a record store nor are we just a hi-fi retailer; we’re a weird amalgam of the two. We have an ethos of explaining what can often be confusing or intimidating in the easiest, most accessible way. We’re not here to big-note ourselves about how knowledgeable we are. We’re here to share that knowledge and help people best experience the beauty of analogue music.


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