Tuner Fish Lug Locks Giveaway

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Tuner Fish Lug Locks Giveaway

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Tuner Fish Lug Locks are a dynamic innovation in the world of drumming, ensuring that the tension rods of your drums don’t slip and put your drums out of tune.

They’re super tough, incredibly effective and will ensure that your drums sound great even after hours of punishment, and we’ve got a few to give away for this issue thanks to our friends at Dynamic Music.

To enter, simply enter your details into the form below and follow us on Instagram here, and then you’re all good to go!

Please note: all giveaways are only available to our Australian readers. By entering, you agree to receive marketing collateral from Mixdown and competition partners.

This competition will close on Monday August 9, and winners will be notified within two days of competition closure.

Good luck!