The eight hottest upcoming Australian heavy acts, according to Void of Vision and Thornhill

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The eight hottest upcoming Australian heavy acts, according to Void of Vision and Thornhill

The two local heavy-hitters predict the next generation of bands set to dominate the moshpit.

Today, Melbourne metal dons Void of Vision have unleashed a re-imagination of their 2019 cut ‘Year Of The Rat’, teaming up with Thornhill’s Jacob Charlton for a guttural rendition of their Hyperdaze highlight.

While the original was a striking track unto itself, this new version ‘Year Of The Rat’ sees the cataclysmic, drop-tuned guitars and shredded vocals of Void of Vision meet Charlton’s serene voice in the chorus to create a track that teeters on a precipice between control and all-out chaos – a feeling only reinforced by the track’s brutal new music video.

It’s a formidable effort that sees both bands at the top of their game, with the UNFD label-mates bringing the best out of one another to affirm their status as two of the most dynamic acts of their generation.

To celebrate the release of the new track, we hooked Void Of Vision’s Jack Bergin and Jacob Charlton of Thornhill up to fill us in on who they think are the hottest new heavy acts to cut through the Australian scene today.


Bergin: Super sick new heavy band emerging out of Melbourne/NZ with a fresh twist on the sound. I have had the honour of being able to hear some new material and it is super impressive. Definitely watch out for their socials over the coming months.


Charlton: Mirrors are an incredibly technical and tight live band and it’s always such a pleasure to see them nail that every night, which I think is the hardest task involved in music. Very keen to hear what they are planning on releasing next.


Bergin: Melodic Hardcore played a huge part in my early ’20s and I feel like it got wiped off the map a bit of late. Hearing a band come through with it in 2020 and absolutely NAIL the sound blew my socks off, and I will do everything in my power to get everyone to listen to this damn band.


Charlton: Very cool band I got to jump on a track with a while back. A bunch of great dudes with lot of potential, definitely one to keep an eye on.


Bergin: Another band that knocked my socks off with a first impression. Released a very impressive debut last year and have done super well pricking up some ears. Big Ian Kenny vibes on the vocals accompanied with some huge instrumentals!


Charlton: Tom is an amazing singer. He’s pushed me to really think about the way I write melodies over heavy music, because he always goes at it in such a pop way and I’ve never been able to nail that. These guys are also the loveliest people you’ll meet and one of the best live bands I’ve seen in this genre.

Diamond Construct

Bergin: Awesome band with a lot to work with. Last release was chaotic and fun as hell, and it was a pleasure taking them around on tour and seeing the country absolutely lap them up. Terrific people and terrific music.


Charlton: I really hope the world for these guys, always such a good time watching them smash it on stage. Sean’s ability to transfer from cleans to screams still baffles me.

‘Year Of The Rat’ is out now. Keep up to date with Void Of Vision and Thornhill on social media for more new music.