Studio Focus: Salt Studios

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Studio Focus: Salt Studios

Words by Will Brewster

From live bands through to podcasting and beyond, there's something for everybody at Salt Studios.

Salt Studios are a mainstay within Melbourne’s recorded music scene. For 20 years, they’ve provided the Bayside regions with killer-sounding recordings for EPs and albums, and have been at the forefront of voice-over and podcasting even before its recent boom. 

We spoke with Studio Manager Peter Frawley to find out more about Salt Studios

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Introduce us to Salt Studios – what’s your history and who’s involved in the studio?

Salt Studios was established in 2001 in the Bayside area of Melbourne.

The location and facility was chosen for its character, accessibility and proximity to great cafes, shops and public transport. It was created as a space for musicians to relax, unwind and be creative in.

In 2004 we turned our attention to live recording, and to this day have recorded over 1,500 live gigs and released 40 plus instant live albums in venues across Australia.

In 2010 we joined forces with COSAMP and helped to create music technology teaching resources that are now used by over 200 schools nationwide.

These days we still offer the same quality service that we are known for to musicians, bands, voice-over artists and agencies around the country.

In addition to offering conventional recording for musicians, Salt Studios also provides services for voice-over, podcast and ASMR. How have you seen these fields boom in recent years? What can you offer that no other studios can?

Over the past five years we have seen an increase in the need for quality voice-over recordings and podcasting services. People now consume just about everything via the internet. Businesses are now producing more and more marketing content and presentations that require bespoke music and voice-over. 

The podcasting boom has also led to our studio being booked out on a regular basis. We have many clients that will produce up to four podcasts in a day.

We also produce and update voice over showreels for professional voice-over talent, actors, radio personnel and new talent entering the industry.

Salt Studios also plays host to some incredibly talented engineers. Introduce us to them – what are their backgrounds, and what do they specialise in?

We have a very talented team of engineers and producers that are experienced in all aspects of sound production.

Alex Quayle joined us in 2011. He has years of experience as both an engineer and as a recording musician. Alex’s band Slowly Slowly are well represented on our national airwaves and Alex knows how to get that produced sound that artists are looking for.

Ross Caygill joined us in 2018 and has since then become an integral part of the Salt Studios team. Ross works across all areas of the studios, including working with bands and artists as an engineer, producer and session musician, to working with corporate clients and voiceover artists to bring life to podcasts and showreels.

Give us a rundown of some of the equipment at Salt Studios. What console do you run, and what are some of the outboard units and microphones that you tend to favour?

At the heart of our studio is an AMEK Hendrix console featuring AMEK’s “classic British” preamps and EQ designed by Rupert Neve. Other equipment includes a range of high-end outboard preamps and compressors including API, Avalon, Universal Audio Chandler and Neve.

Our microphone collection consists of Neumann, Coles, AKG, Shure and RØDE. Our main monitors are a pair of Event Opals as well as an old pair of NS10s.

We also run a ProTools HD system using Arora Lynx converters. The studio is connected to Source Connect and has video playback for sound for film and video based projects.

What are your rates like? Do you have any grouped recording packages to make things more affordable for artists looking to record projects over several sessions?

We believe we have some great rates and packages for bands and artists that want to produce a professional recording. Our EP Deal is $2,200 and consists of five eight-hour days for recording and mixing.

You can also book multiple EP Deals to produce an album if you like. Our Demo deal is $880 for two back to back eight hour days.

Our full day rate is $525 and we have a three hour session for $295 and a five-hour session for $385. All prices include GST and the use of Studio A with one of our experienced engineers. Feel free to give us a call on 03 9592 4233 to discuss your project in detail. 

You can also email us at [email protected] or visit our website at

Anything else you’d like to add?

We can advise on nearby AirBnB accommodation if you’re travelling from a regional area of Victoria or from interstate.

Head to the Salt Studios website to check out all the services on offer and book a session today.