Spotlight: Gravity Stands

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Spotlight: Gravity Stands

Gravity Stands
Words by Lewis Noke Edwards

Gravity Stands offer some great solutions to an age-old issue: storage and space. For content creation, the space and aesthetic of your videos and streaming.

Content creation is about capturing a moment, and Gravity Stands understand this. Whether it be music, video or other mediums, it’s really important to be freed up to be creative, without the hindrance of a messy space or a convoluted workflow. While we often get excited about new gear that has flashing lights, sound and other effects and processing, the equipment holding it all up, supporting microphones, gadgets and cameras are some of the most important pieces to your end product.

Creative freedom is tough to make the most of when you’re weighed down with a clunky mic stand, or speaking to a precariously placed iPhone or tablet, hoping it doesn’t tumble down and ruin an otherwise good take, or maybe your headphones are tangled after casting them aside here and there. For video, gaming and streaming content, the aesthetic of your space is equally important, and matched stands and hardware add a level of professionalism to your space.

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For this, Gravity Stands are a great option. Sleek and classy, with Gravity’s eye-catching and matching green accents to their otherwise black stands, they provide a level of security for your equipment, and peace of mind, allowing you to immerse yourself in the creative process, rather than your set-up and pack down, all while looking great.

Beginning with one of the more popular mic stand solutions for podcasting or streaming, a boom arm keeps your floor area clear, all the while isolating the mic from handling noise and bumps. Gravity’s GMS0200SET1 Microphone Pole for Table Mounting including Table Clamp & Boom includes a table clamp and boom arm, with a few different telescopic pieces to ensure your mic is adjusted at the right angle and height for you to comfortably use it. The height adjustable element is made from soft-touch ABS plastic, so it’s a pleasure to use as well. A tiny addition but a welcome one, also having space on the stand’s main stem to attach other accessories, like a phone or tablet holder!

Gravity’s Tablet Holder is a unique design, really intent on gripping multiple tablet sizes and shapes securely. The GMATH01B Tablet Holder has multiple adjustable elements, allowing you to position your tablet wherever you want to, all locked with one set screw, earning the Vari-Arm the moniker of ‘Magic Arm’. What’s more, the Tablet Holder mechanism itself is continuously adjustable, meaning you can secure just about any tablet on the market. The tabletop mounting clamp can be securely attached and easily removed and moved around if and when needed!

Gravity Stands has the GVAPH1B Smartphone Holder available as well, a simple contraction that can rotate from 360° and tilted through 90° angles, while standing on its own as a little stand. This means it can work well on the fly, being simple to position on any flat surface, for example while travelling, creating on the fly or remote working for meetings or interviews. It’s compatible with Arca-Swiss camera plates, being made of aluminium itself. It’s a simple stand that stays out of the way, but works in a robust fashion and functions exactly as you’d want it to, as well as offering more than you’d want or need. It’s got everything!

Gravity Smartphone stand

Another handy contraption from Gravity is the GHPHTC01B Desk-Mount Headphones Hanger, a steel clamp and plastic hanger with cable slots for the headphone cable. The clamp’s screw has a plastic button to protect your desk, the hanger accommodating two sets of headphones at a time. Like the boom stand, the Desk-Mount Headphones Hanger is easily moveable, while also freeing up floor space and keeping everything within arm’s reach.

While not explicitly a content creator’s piece, the GKSMKS01B Multi Keyboard Stand is a four-tier keyboard stand designed to securely keep your keyboards out of the way. It has a ratchet-based locking mechanism, with additional higher front stoppers to secure larger keyboards. Keyboards aside, the GKSMKS01B also includes cable clips to keep everything tidy and looking nice on camera! The secure build and design of the stand makes it a practical solution for keyboards as well as drum machines, groove boxes and synths, all precisely adjustable and secured within the stand itself.

Gravity Stands offer some great solutions to an age-old issue: storage and space. For content creation, the space and aesthetic of your videos and streaming. Gravity aim to provide functionality, giving you all your equipment within arm’s reach, while also giving you the peace of mind to focus on your music, all the while looking good. Additions like secure locking mechanism, soft-touch ABS plastic and single-locking mechanisms offer some of the best solutions: one you don’t need to think about. The purpose of a good stand is to take the worry out of content creation, allowing you to be more immersed, engaging and relaxed, all of Gravity’s products serve this purpose. From mics to tablet, Gravity has something to secure whatever you’re working with.

For more info, visit Gravity Stands here.