“Born out of a passion for music, and a love for guitar building”: Shining a light on ESP Guitars

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“Born out of a passion for music, and a love for guitar building”: Shining a light on ESP Guitars

ESP Guitars 2024
Words by Jamie Colic

From the brand's humble beginnings in Japan, ESP guitars quickly came to prominence in the West during the mid-80s via their then New York-based workshops.

By the end of the decade, ESP guitars were shaking the earth in the hands of players such as James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and George Lynch. Winning over a generation of players who fell in love with the impeccable craftsmanship, playability, and sound of these pedigree instruments.

ESP Guitars 2024

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In the modern day, ESP stands as one of the largest guitar manufacturers in the world. Providing quality instruments across all price ranges, from the bedroom to the arena there is an ESP suited to every player.


From day one ESP have endeavoured to embody the cutting edge of guitar design and manufacture, and this pursuit continues into 2024 with the announcement of ESP’s new product line.

Bringing over 30 new models to the table each new guitar harnesses its own array of exciting features and tantalising aesthetics, sure to please even the most discerning guitarist.

Deluxe EC-01FT

Combining modern playability with vintage aesthetics the EC-01FT isn’t your grandpa’s tired old single cut. Bringing an exciting new take to the tried and true Eclipse line the EC-01FT is designed to be a simple no-frills riff machine.

A recessed Gotoh TOM bridge, stainless steel frets, and ESP’s exclusive Seymour Duncan Custom 14 humbucker are just some of the features that take the EC-01FT to the next level.

Horizon Custom ‘87

Harkening back to the wonders that were being hatched from the 48th Street custom shop during the late 80s, the Horizon Custom 87 is a deluxe super Strat with an affordable price tag.

But don’t let the pricing fool you, boasting USA Seymour Duncan Pickups, a Floyd Rose 1000 series bridge and a delicious arched top, the Horizon Custom 87 emanates authority and feels just as good as its 80s forefathers.

Deluxe XJ HT

The LTD Deluxe XJ HT brings the comfort of an offset-style shape to the aggressive modern player. That’s right, rest assured this swamp ash beauty ain’t no surf guitar and is ready to slam with the toughest of them!

But that doesn’t deduce the LTD Deluxe XJ HT to being a one-trick pony. The Fluence Open Core Classic Humbucker provides 3 unique voicings going from molten metal to single coil twang making this guitar one for just about any occasion.

Royal Shiva

A new signature model for Mastodon’s own Bill Kelliher the Royal Shiva brings one of Bill’s own ESP Custom Shop creations to the consumer market just in time for 2024.

A unique double cutaway brings a new level of playability to a traditionally inspired mahogany design. Bills Mojotone Hellbender pickups round out a very sturdy package providing fantastic tones for any genre.

Viper 1000

The Viper has endured a long history with many heavyweights including Sepultura’s Max Cavalera. In 2024 the Viper-1000 is bringing this modern classic to a new level with its sleek Black Beauty look.

But it’s not just about aesthetics when it comes to the Viper-1000, a Tone Pros bridge, LTD locking tuners and Fluence Modern Humbuckers just scream “ready for battle”. A classic mahogany neck and body construction tie it all together with a very nice thin U-shaped neck carve.

Arrow-1007 Baritone Evertune

Tailor-made for brutality, the Arrow-1007 Baritone Evertune provides players with the scale length required to sling those gut-churning tunings. In addition to this, the Evertune ensures that you can do so whilst maintaining accurate intonation and tuning stability.

Fishman Fluence Moderns’ “alnico in the neck, ceramic in the bridge” provide the dynamics and aggression required to punch through the densest live mixes, ensuring that no matter how low you tune, you will always be heard.

GH SV-200

Exodus and Slayer axeman Gary Holt has performed at the peak of thrash’s cutting edge for over 4 decades now and the GH SV-200 is a true representation of what it takes to rip it up on the world stage.

The GH SV-200 allows players to get the vibe of Gary’s GH-SV at an even more affordable price, without skimping on quality.



As leaders of the Teutonic thrash movement, Kreator know what is required from their stage instruments and this new signature model for frontman Mille Petrozza is built for extreme aggression.

Stainless steel frets, EMG X series pickups and a flat top body give the MK EC-FR a different feel from the standard Eclipse series guitars. Tailored perfectly to the needs of someone who is on stage singing and playing guitar at the same time night after night.


Pounding the bass for the Cavalera brothers isn’t an easy task but Mike Leon slays the task with the help of his signature MLB-4 bass. The punchy swamp ash body combined with a high-quality Gotoh hardware set make this bass stand out from the pack.

Nordstrand Big-Split pickups don’t detract from this bass’s thunderous raw tone either, ensuring that the MLB-4 is the perfect companion for any professional bassist or other players looking to step up to the plate.


For many, ESP is a name synonymous with metal music and the FL-4 embodies this notion to a tee. The signature model for Fred Leclercq one of metal’s most prominent modern producers and current Kreator bassist the FL-4 is sure to get heads banging on any stage.

But the power of the FL-4 goes far beyond its aesthetics, boasting a sleek neck-thru-body design and single EMG 35p Active pickup. The FL-4 is a bass that is sure to bring the thunder!
The Bottom Line
Bringing in the new year with a lineup this heavy is certainly a reason for all you headbangers to celebrate.

Distributed in Australia by CMI Music & Audio, be sure to hit the streets and get to your nearest ESP dealer ASAP to properly assess the goods!

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